Monday, February 4, 2008

Cask beer @ Uncle Billy's

I have been pretty sick the last 4 or 5 days with the flu but I wanted to mention that there is going to be a cask of Atomic '55 IPA at Uncle Billy's tomorrow night. Seeing how I am still sick, and I don't want to spread this crap, I will not be there. But I'm sure some of you can help drain that cask in my absents.
If you have not had it yet, the Atomic '55 is very tasty IPA utilizing Nugget and Fuggle hops (if i remember correctly) . Enjoy!


Jordaan said...

Speaking of specialty hops, will someone please explain to me why a brewery would shut its doors before resorting to hop extract? The
shortage is only going to last a couple years, right?

Anonymous said...

I love the home-brew filled up with fresh-picked green hops. I had it once from my friend who does make beer at home. It was excellent.
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Anonymous said...

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