Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Beginnings

It has been pointed out to me numerous times that I need to post something new to my blog. I've had plenty to write about but I have some big news that I wanted to tell all my friends in person first. I have not made it everyone yet. To those I have not gotten to or missed, my apologies (you know who you are).
So here is the big news: my wife and I have decided to move to "Beervana" - Portland, Oregon. This decision has been a difficult one to make. We have been talking about moving to Portland since the first time we visited 8 or so years ago when our friend Marc wooed us there for the Oregon Brewers Festival . Since then I have been going there 2 to 3 times a year for beers festivals and hop school (at Hop Union in Yakima, WA). Marc has said many time that we are up there so much we should just move. The time is right for both my wife and me to go. So here we go.


Anonymous said...

Good lord!
Well, I suppose I can't blame you. The craft brewing revolution in Austin never really took off to the degree we all had hoped. Plus being Scottish and all the warm weather and your gene pool probably don't exactly see eye to eye. Keep me informed. I know it's been awhile since we hung out but I still want to get some quality time in wit ya before you leave.

Lee said...

I've only been there once, but it was magnificent. You're gonna love it. Hey, hook with my friend Bill when you get there:

He's an ex-Austinite.

Anonymous said...

You and your wife will love it here - I'm a native, and have never had a desire to leave. And especially as a beer guy, you'll be in Nirvana. We've got a great homebrew club here (one of the largest in the nation) called the Oregon Brew Crew that you should hook up with. I work for the Oregon Brewers Festival, which is July 24-27 this year. The kick off dinner is a blast, which is July 23, and the Brewers Brunch, which is limited to 300, is the morning of July 24. It's so much fun - good beer, good food, then a parade down to the opening festivities, led by Portland's mayor! You can check out the website for more info,

Cheers, and good luck with the move!