Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random 2010 GABF Pictures & Thoughts

Here are some random pictures my wife and I took at the GABF this year. As you can tell we did more drinking than taking pictures!   Enjoy!
The Falling Rock Looking A Little Blurry!

2010 Alpha King Winner Jeff Bagby [Photo By Teresa Culp] 

Alpha KingChallage Judging
Friday Night Crowd at Uncle Billy's Booth
Where am I now? [Photo By Chris Fowler]
Bottles To Be Judged At Alpha King Challage

Portland Friends Theo & Amanda [Photo By Teresa Culp]

Real Ale Brewing Wins Gold for Rio Blanco Pale [Photo By Teresa Culp]

On The Lager Train: Men With A Mission. [Photo By Chris Fowler]

Tyler Brown & Shawn Kelso Bring Home Some GABF Love
Brad Farbstein Owner of Real Ale Brewing with Gold Medal for Rio Blanco Pale  [Photo By Teresa Culp]
Good Friends From Austin, TX  Dan & Joelle at Falling Rock

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