Monday, May 16, 2011

Anderson Valley's 15th Annual Legendary Boonville Beer Fest (in Pictures)

Loaded up and hitting the road.

First stop: Caldera Brewery in Ashland, OR

Caldera's gleaming brewhouse. The second tank on the right is filled with Hop Hash!

Angelo and the Oakshire crew are ready to roll.

The magnificent Mt. Shasta.

Obligatory stop at In-N-Out in Redding, CA.

The Oregon caravan is almost there!

Time for a beer with the Marin brewers.

Camp Eugene (Oakshire's Missing Link and Ninkasi Double Dry Hopped Tricerahops on tap).

Angelo, Lucas, Matt, King C, Amy, 2 friends, and Paul repping Oregon.

Found a jawbone down by the creek, loving nature.

Playing in the creek, not deep enough for a good swim though.

Travis showed up in his newly modified Element.

The hydraulic grill!

Uncommon Brewers made the trip up from Santa Cruz.

Russian River and Washoes at the campground.

Nice old car in beautiful Anderson Valley.

Time to head to the fest (Double Mountain representing OR again).

Break for some quick holes on the brewery Disc Golf course.

Camp Moonlight.

Matt and Bryan from Oakshire with the Homebrew Chef Sean Paxton.

Triple Rock is pouring beer and loving it!

Troy Potter bolstering excitement for Eugene beer!

I had to run and hide shortly after taking this picture, no mullet for me today!

Saw this guy on the way out enjoying a cigar and corndog.

Clear Lake, CA.

Stopped at Sierra Nevada on the way back for some beer and lunch: Imperial Oatmeal Stout, Bigfoot, and Ghidorah Double IPA

A little snow in May coming back over the CA-OR border pass...

and then a rainbow outside of Eugene, OR, what a trip!

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