Sunday, April 1, 2007

Up Coming Beer Trip

I'm heading to Portland, OR for the Spring Beer Festival so I'm doing some planning. I need to decide which Texas beers to take for trading. I'm thinking:
Real Ale Sisyphus 2003 & 2004
St Arnold Divine Reserve #4
Maybe more we will see...


Daniel Keeney, APR said...

You'll find plenty to enjoy. The last time I was back, we stumbled upon a small brew pub -- Amnesia Brewing -- that I just have to tell anyone going to Portland about. Of course, you'll want to get to Widmer, Bridgeport (both the Ale House on Hawthorne and the pizza/brewery on NW Marshall), Pyramid/Portland Brewing and Full Sail Brewing at Riverplace. Those are absolute musts. But the new guy on the block -- Amnesia -- is just too much fun.

Amnesia Brewing
832 N Beech St
Portland, OR 97227
(503) 281-7700

Disclosure: I help St. Arnold with PR and believe any of the Divine Reserves will be enthusiastically received.

HumuloneRed said...

I did go to Amnesia Brewing and enjoyed it as usual. I have a friend that lives up north in that area of town so I've been a few times.
(Sorry am just now getting to your comment. It's good to know someone read my blog...)
I have been to most the places you speak of. (I go to Portland a lot... Last year three times. This year it looks like only two).
I have not been the Brigeport Ale House on Hawthorn but the Brigeport in the Pearl WAS a great pizza/pub/brewery but not any more. They turned it into an uptown "classy" hipster joint. The beer is still pretty good but... I miss the old place.
Next time I go I'll visit the Ale House on Hawthorn. I have some friends who live in the area and I'll try to meet up with them there.

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.