Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snow Days

It has been snowing for 10 days now and we have been hitting the beer cellar pretty hard. The recycling bin is starting to overflow and the city has not been able to pick up for over a week now.
Bottles are starting to pile up in the kitchen as well.

Fortunately my friend Marc doesn't mind driving in this weather (a 4 wheel drive Honda Pilot helps a lot), so he saved me from rotting in the house and took me down to Portland a for a few beers.
Yesterday we started off at Hopworks for lunch, a mug of Abominable Winter Ale, and a glass of Cask Barrel Aged DOA for dessert.

From there we headed over to Amnesia for a Copacetic IPA and 2007 Sleighjerker.

After that we headed up to Saravesa for one more beer (A Russian River Blind Pig) before heading back home.

Now that is what I call a good Christmas Eve!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the trip with my good friend Charles did make for a good start to Christmas Eve !!!