Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cask beer @ North by Northwest

Because it deserves it's own post:

There will be a cask of Extra Special Bitter (dry hopped with Warrior hops!) at NxNW on Wednesday, February 27th. I think Ty will tap it around 7 ~ 7:30p.m.
Be there for the sake of good beer!


Friday, February 22, 2008

No posting for 20 days!

I haven't posted in a while even though there are things to write about. This week was pretty busy. By busy of course I mean I went out after work 4 nights in a row to have a beer! It went like this:

Monday Night: Teresa & met up with some friends at the The Flying Saucer for their Monday night $2.50 pint special. There are not that many beers on the special but it worth a look. Let it be known that this is not my favorite bar. The prices are high, it's crowed and the wait staff (women) have to wear "sexy" school girl outfits. I won't get into the whole bullshit sexist views the management and/or owners seem to have. I'll just say that good beer sells itself. And when I go into a bar I look for good beer, clean lines, and good service. I will give them that the servers are attentive. I hear that the other Saucers keep their lines clean, so that's good.

Tuesday I brewed again with Brian at Uncle Billy's. We brewed with malted oats, which is a grain I had been wanting to brew with for a while. I mentioned it to Brian when he was making a grain order and he ordered it to give it a try. We brewed a stout. We will see what the oat malt contributes to the finished beer. I just know it was kind of bitch to use because it did not want to crack in the mill. Brian tightened the mill as tight as he could so it would crack. Everything else went pretty well after that. It is always a privilege to brew with Brian!

That night I met up with a few other brewers at the Ginger Man. It was a small group this time but there was a new face. I met Kevin from (512) Brewing. He is a nice guy and has some exciting ideas. I will be fun to see this brewery get off the ground. The brewery's blog is a good account of the development of a brewery.

Wednesday night I went to my old haunt the Draught House (DH) for some drinks with co-workers and pizza. I ran into Ty from NxNW Brewery. He is going to have a cask beer this Wednesday (Feb. 27th). It will be his Extra Special Bitter. As he puts it a "proper cask"! I look forward to that one!

Thursday night it was back to the DH for some beers with some of my friends in the homebrew club I am a member of the Austin Zealots.
Wow - That was a long week (and my longest post so far!).


Monday, February 4, 2008

Cask beer @ Uncle Billy's

I have been pretty sick the last 4 or 5 days with the flu but I wanted to mention that there is going to be a cask of Atomic '55 IPA at Uncle Billy's tomorrow night. Seeing how I am still sick, and I don't want to spread this crap, I will not be there. But I'm sure some of you can help drain that cask in my absents.
If you have not had it yet, the Atomic '55 is very tasty IPA utilizing Nugget and Fuggle hops (if i remember correctly) . Enjoy!