Thursday, September 15, 2011

BiKETOBEERFEST returns Saturday, Sept. 17

BiKETOBEERFEST returns on Sept. 17

BiKETOBEERFEST, the world's only bike-in Oktoberfest party featuring bikes, bands and beer returns to Hopworks Urban Brewery on September 17. The event benefits the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Sunday Parkways and features 15 local, organic Hopworks beers; live music; entertainment and games for children; bike building demonstrations; BMX stunt riders and the famous "Huffy Huck" bike toss competition. 
BiKETOBEERFEST is held in the back parking lot of Hopworks Urban Brewery, 2944 SE Powell Blvd. from Noon to 10 pm. More info can be found  
Event Schedule
We'll have great music and entertainment all day long!
12:00 – House DJ
12:00 – Group Ride Leaves from BikeBar (3947 N. Williams)
2:00 – Flatlanders (BMX stunt riders)
2:00 – Huffy Toss Competition (rolling open entries until 6pm)
2:30 – Brownish Black  
3:30 – New Birth Breakdancers
4:00 – Flatlanders (BMX stunt riders)
4:00 – Group Ride Leaves from BikeBar (3947 N. Williams)
4:30 – Oh Darling
5:30 – Jared Mees and The Grown Children
5:45 – Huffy Toss Finals
6:00 – Bouncy House For Kids Closes
6:30 – New Birth Breakdancers mini show
6:45 – Goldsprints (roller races)
7:30 – Ascetic Junkies
8:30 – Wanderlust Circus
9:30 – LAST CALL 

Ride Your Bike
BiKETOBEERFEST is a car-free event.
Powell is a busy road. Cross with extreme caution at a light. 26th Ave. has a light and you may ride respectfully up the sidewalk to get there.  Check out this cool map that a bike+beer fan put together with suggested routes for getting to Hopworks.
Ample bike parking is provided. Our parking is unattended so be sure to bring your lock. Bike parking closes at 10:00pm.
Portland Bicycle Tours is leading scenic group tours from BikeBar, the new Hopworks location at 3947 N. Williams. These free rides will take a leisurely pace.
12:00 – Slow family-friendly ride. For the Bakfiet, bike trailer, Xtracycle crowd and others too! (intended for riders who have experience riding in traffic)
4:00 – General group ride.
The times listed are the times the ride will DEPART. If you wish to grab a drink first, please ensure you’re out front by the listed times.

[Update - For more great info be sure to check out Ezra's ultimate guide to BiTOBEERFEST over at The New School here.]

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