Sunday, June 21, 2009

Updates: Last Week's Epic Baltic/Imperial Porter Tasting at Upright Brewing

Before I forget to post this...

Last week I was lucky enough to attend one hell of a beer tasting masterfully organized by Ezra a.k.a Samurai Artist and graciously hosted by Upright Brewing . I sampled some great beers, a few for the 1st time like Smuttynose Baltic Porter and Victory Baltic Thunder. There was also a great spread of snack food as well.

This event really opened my eyes to not only to a style of beer that I previously had little experience with, but also to how special the beer scene is here in Portland and how very lucky I am to be a part of it.

A big thanks goes to Ezra for putting it together and to Alex at Upright Brewing for hosting it.

For more detailed (and overall more interesting) reports on this event see these fine beer blogs:
And Matt at took some fantastic pictures of the event here.

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