Monday, August 3, 2009

Concordia Cup 2009

Now that we are moved in to our new home in Portland proper we can start update in this blog again... Where to start? Last month was Oregon Beer Month so there quite a few beer events we end up attending. Lets start close to the new neighborhood up at Concordia Ale House. They just held their annual Concordia Cup event. This event along with all their BEER BRAWL events are always fun and a must if you're in or around Beervana. This is part of the email from Concordia Ale House about the results from Concordia Ale House:

1st place Deschutes Experimental Batch #4 Imperial IPA

Congrats to Cam O'Conner Deschutes Portland Brewing Co.

Oregon's 2nd Time running BEER BRAWL III Captain

2nd Hair of the Dog Blue Dot Imperial IPA

3rd Laurelwood Imperial IPA

4th Ninkasi Tricerahops

5th Steelhead T-Rex Imperial IPA

Beers in order as listed on taster tray

1. Ninkasi Tricerahops
2. Deschutes Exp. Batch #4
3. Hair of the Dog
4. Fearless Imperial IPA
5. Hopworks Evelyn
6. Root's Shark Bite
7. Old Lompoc C-note
8. Laurelwood Imperial
9. Alameda Yellow Wolf
10. Terminal Gravity IPA
11. Oakshire Perfect Storm Dry Hop
12. Steelhead T-Rex

Thanks to all who voted!

What were my favorites? I really liked #2 (Deschutes Experimental Batch #4 Imperial IPA) . It was a very close battle for 2nd between #5 (Hopworks Evelyn) and #9 (Alameda Yellow Wolf, my neighborhood local brewpub favorite).
Congratulations to Deschutes' Cam O'Conner for the win and for brewing a such a tasty beer!

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